My first ever "green" song, composed on a very early version of Band In A Box at my friend Minstrel's place, and here played by Talis.


On a day of wind and rain
My daughter said to me:
"The clouds are full of things today,
Oh Daddy, can you see?"
"What kind of things?" I asked her
As the clouds went rushing by.
"There's whales and seals and dolphins,
All swimming in the sky."
I took her from the window
And I sat her on my knee,
And I told her "Stop this foolishness
And listen well to me..."
There's no such thing as dolphins
And there's no such thing as whales,
They're creatures out of fantasy
And children's fairy tales.

But now my daughter's quiet
Amd she spends too long alone,
Gazing from the window
At the clouds all tossed and blown,
And I know that one day soon now,
When she's old enough to dare,
She'll want to leave this shielded dome
And taste the poisoned air,
And she'll learn about the ocean
And the clouds that hide the sun,
And in spite of all our lying
She'll know what we have done,


from The Toad and other Strangenesses, released May 4, 2015
Vocals: Zander, guitar: Talis.




Zander Nyrond Westbury, UK

Zander Nyrond likes to describe himself as a logical necessity, though he knows perfectly well he is nothing of the kind. "If I had not existed," he says grandiloquently, "I would have had to invent myself." A more pertinent description would be "tall, hairy idiot which makes music and does not wear a hat," though even that is derivative. Lives in Wiltshire and has better friends than he deserves. ... more

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