I'm fairly sure this is all mine. The opening image is from John Bellairs' excellent novel The Face In The Frost.


Here I am, see me in your crystal,
I wait for you on a white-crowned hill
Where a lamp leans over a crossroads,
The snow is falling, the air is still,
And I wait for you...

Here I am, follow in my footprints
Around a bend on a rain-washed street,
Where dust and oil make rainbows in the gutters
And garbage gathers around your feet,
I wait for you...

And I am love, I am death,
I am news from over the sea,
I am joy, I am pain,
And you'll never be ready for me...

Here I am, listen for my heartbeat,
Behind a groyne on a sandy shore,
Where the gulls circle in their hundreds
And mix their cries with the ocean's roar,
And I wait for you...

Here I am, track me with your radar
Within the caverns far underground,
Where the lights flicker on the consoles
And terror drowns out the slightest sound,
I wait for you...

And I am war, I am peace,
I am all that's waiting to be,
I am hope, I am fear,
And you'll never, never,
Never be ready for me.

Here I am, feel me close beside you,
Here in your bed when the night is still.
They are fools who worship me or fear me,
For I am Future. I have no will.
I just wait for you...


from The Toad and other Strangenesses, released May 4, 2015
Vocals: Zander, guitar: Talis.




Zander Nyrond Westbury, UK

Zander Nyrond likes to describe himself as a logical necessity, though he knows perfectly well he is nothing of the kind. "If I had not existed," he says grandiloquently, "I would have had to invent myself." A more pertinent description would be "tall, hairy idiot which makes music and does not wear a hat," though even that is derivative. Lives in Wiltshire and has better friends than he deserves. ... more

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